1356 Battle of Poitiers, Hundred Years War

Put on your good headphones, turn on Closed Captioning, and make sure you aren't French. Late in the summer of 1356, the ...

Приключения "Кондора", 15 серия, Лего мультфильм, Lego stopmotion

Новые приключения в период Древней Руси ждут наших героев! Нашествие монгол, предательства князей, интр

LEGO Knights Trailer

This was supposed to be a much larger project but I decided to finish it as a short fake trailer due to lack of time and motivation.

113 B.C. Lego Roman battle with Barbarians (Cimbrian wars) lego history film

First ever Romans vs Barbarians battle - history Lego stop motion Cimbrian wars by LCM brick show NARRATED BY: Peter Baker ...

1340 Lego Sea Battle at Sluys, Hundred Years War

The sea battle at Sluys, present-day Netherlands, was the first major confrontation of the Hundred Years War. On June 24,1340 an ...

LEGO Knights go to war

Something you can do once you have the complete LEGO Castle 2013 range Music: 'Butterflies and Hurricanes' Written and ...


ЛЕГО ЛЕДОВОЕ ПОБОИЩЕ - мультик. Мультфильм основан на реальных событиях 5 апреля 1242г. Подпишитесь на это

Mongols invasion into Europe / Medieval battle / Lego film (animation)

My new animation about Mongol tribes invaded Europe and a battle between Europe knights and Mongols.

1386 Lego Battle of Sempach,swiss freedom war

In 1291 Three Helvetian tribes called Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden founded the Swiss Confederation. Today this is Switzerland.

Lego Battle of the Little Bighorn - stop motion (Custer's Last Stand)

The year is 1876 Gen. Custer is advancing on an Indian camp. He thinks there is only about 800 warriors there, But there seems ...

Битва за Замок / ЛЕГО мультфильм

На этот мультик ушло Оочень много сил и труда, так, что думаю поставить лайк не составит вам труда) Прият

Lego Battle Of Kerak

DISCLAIMER: Film has animated Violence and depicts war, also Religious conflict! Battle of Kerak, is a film about the Crusades ...

1346 Battle of Crecy, Hundred Years War

After the Battle of Sluys in 1340, King Edward III of England returned to England where he had three million arrows manufactured ...

Lego Battle of Svolder - Viking stop motion

On September 9th, 1000 Olaf Tryggvason, the king of Norway, was ambushed by the allied kings of Sweden and Denmark with ...

BOUND - The Epic Lego Movie | Official Full Feature

An incredible stop motion adventure following two children and an old man on a quest to rescue their brother from the clutches of ...

LEGO Orc: The Winter War

After several defeats at the hands of the Orcs, Lord Samson is sent with an army to lead a counter-strike deep into elusive Orc ...

Мультфильм LEGO Рыцари против некроманта (18 серия)

Создано при помощи Кукольная мультипликация. Имеется в наличии для iPhone, iPod и iPad в магазине AppStore.

Брутальные лего спартанцы - черная гвардия!

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